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Spare Change

Excuse me sir could you spare some change?

There used to be a time when people wouldnt mine offering a couple of coins to help someone in need
but today is different than yesterday right.

There used to be a time when people just gave their neighbor an extra egg to bake a cake but the price of food has gone up & today is different than yesterday right.

There used to be a time when people just DID things out of the kindness of their hearts…..but those days are gone.

Or are they…..?

And people saw Obama. This Savior. This Messiah. To rescue us all from the plight in which we call America.
——> Now i love America<——- i just wanted that to be known. 4Real.

But everyone was chanting ‘CHANGE’
But no one wanting to working.

So we all sit down, look around & yell ‘CHANGE’
but cant you CHANGE when you maintain the SAME.

Can i get an AMEN??

Do people really feel like they’re in too small of a position to dare i say ‘make a difference’ Ha ha ha ha ha

Boy thats HILARIOUS. Dude. if you’re a janitor be the BEST Janitor you can be.
Ya just might clean a toilet one day & change someone’s life eh? 4Real.

Im gonna do my PART. It’s time for you to START.



Now, good people. Rappers. Poets. Professionals. Teachers. Passerby’s. Sisters. Brothers. White, Brown & Yellow People lend me your EARS.

When I tell you that I am ‘4Real’ please believe that I am the truth.

Will admit that i’ve settled for less, but we all have…haven’t u.

i’m human. i laugh i cry i try & keep it moving

b/c thru it all i too have a dream that i must keep pursuing.

So i will speak on what i FEEL. whats REAL. & whats FAKE

…….so hold on for the mental ride or EXIT thru the gate. please&thanku